Can we do it again?

Can we do it again some time?   (I’d like that…you say?)

What a damn jolly good idea………………………….Prepare Thyself.

As we gonna tear it up, once again, so you better be ready ……………………………..Let’s Party!

Breakthru 2023 is Coming Soon.   We are happy to announce the following: August 4-6th  2023 in Cleveland OH at the Holiday Inn Independence OH. The room rate is $115.00 per night.  You can reserve rooms now via the website.  For first timers know a card is needed to reserve your room but no charges happen until you check in at the hotel.

And BTW, when we say the 6th we mean that…. You will be getting another 12hrs of convention bliss on Sunday and Breakthru will close at MIDNIGHT not noon.   So, plan your time off accordingly, and be ready to extend your fun and help us close Breakthru23 out with a Bang

For now, because many need to put time off in for 2023 now, and many others needing to start planning, we wanted you to have this info now.   More, as always, will come later via the FB page and the website.

We have more rocking to do, more fun to be had, more head popping and dancing to do, more guests to learn from, more bands to sing with, more newbies to break in…and more money to raise for charity…     so, are you up for it?  You ready to help make this one for the books?  Wear your Breakthru shirts and help spread the word, lets make this one, one for the ages!!!!

Give me some time, baby let’s have a party
It ain’t no time for sleepin’ baby………….. you better be ready………………..Tear it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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About Queen Breakthru

As It Began:
The year was 2001, and Queen was about to be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Jacky Smith, head of the Official International Queen Fan Club, reached out and asked organizers of several small North American gatherings to come together to create one large event for North American Fans to celebrate the induction of the band. With that request, Breakthru: The Official North American Queen Convention, was born.

Queen Breakthru 2023 Starts In:








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Mad The DJ

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Breakthru 2023 Cleveland

6001 Rockside Rd,
Independence, OH 44131, USA

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